Florence - 2017

What an experience this has been.... From working a crazy 4 days to slowing down for the following 6, to having people to chat to when working, to travelling solo and being completely lonely! I loved, loved, loved my time under the Tuscan sun.

I didn't get the camera out as much as I thought I would after work had finished - I just wanted to take in how beautiful and amazing this place is. Sitting in a cafe with a glass of wine, eating croissants, to walking the streets and laneways (112,000 steps later - so my phone tells me) I fell in love with Florence - or to those who's heart she steals, we call her Firenze.

The following images are just a snap shot of what my eyes saw during this amazing trip - I will be back and bringing my hubby with me!

Last night here tonight and back to Milan tomorrow - more images to come.